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Abscess, facial swelling, and lots of other issues :(



Junior member
Oct 23, 2023
Cleveland, OH
I have had a series of unfortunate events in my 40 years with Dentists, and well my teeth are in TERRIBLE shape and it is now all crashing down on me at once! When I was 6-7 I had an abscessed molar with caused facial swelling, my mom took me to a dental office where 2 dentists decided to tag team me, 1 held me down while the other yanked and yanked this tooth without waiting for the anesthetic to work, It literally gave me serious PTSD and by the time I went back, I was a teenager and was in need of serious dental work. I had root canals on all my front teeth and they are all crowns. My very front tooth/crown fell out, with the post and the "hole" is decayed. (I am a RN and needless to say SUPER embarrassed about my smile) I have been reapplying the crown with denture adhesive (I know :scared: ) but it no longer fits, so I assume that "hole" which is probably the core has to get out, I have maybe 5 molars left, 1 is abscessed and my lower right jaw is swollen and I am in excruciating pain from it. I have an appointment Friday, but I am so ashamed of what I let happen to me. I also have hypertension, but the fear makes it so sky high I am afraid they will refuse to treat my abscess. I don't really know what I am asking here, just looking for maybe a similar story or similar issues that maybe I can know what to expect? Thanks so much in advance and I apologize for the length.
@karizmaflipp I identify with some of the experiences you have had, the bad treatment experiences during youth, the medical trauma/ptsd situation, and then being out of seeing a dentist for a long time. I was out for 19 years. It is a big step you have made an appointment to go to a dentist and get some control of this situation and a chance to improve your oral health, that is great! I don't think it is anything to be ashamed of, to get traumatized and avoid the dentist. I believe it is the natural, instinctive reaction to a situation where we experience being hurt or harmed, and I see how your previous experiences would cause you to have this reaction. The dentist should be non-judgemental, and if they aren't, you should be able to move on and find someone who is. After my long break I was able to find a dentist who posted on their website that they welcomed people who hadn't been for a long time, and it should be possible to find someone like that by looking at websites, or calling and emailing around places and describing your situation. I have horrible white coat hypertension, but my dentist doesn't know, because they don't take blood pressure. Not every office does. I think it is great though that you are taken action, and made an appointment, that is very hard to do, after a long break and dealing with a traumatic past with dentists, I know from experience.