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Abscess! urgent advice needed!!! pleaseee



Junior member
Mar 3, 2010
Leicestershire UK
Hi i wrote a post earlier about having a lump on my gum since last sunday! well now its got about the size of a PEA and is half yellow! im guessing its a abscess?.... well its 6pm saturday evening does anyone have any ideas how i can keep the swelling to a minimum and keep the paint away untill i can get intouch with my dentist monday morning?
any info would be very much apreciated thanks!!
warm salt water rinses will help "pop" the abscess and let it drain. In the mean time you may want to call your dentist and get an antibiotic until he can see you.
thanks mate! my mum said to gargle some warm salt water! and t made it pop and the yellow stuff came out a few moments later! so i then put some more salt water in to clean it away! so its gone back down now!... going to phone the dentist first thing monday morning! by the way how do they treat an abscess? its on my gum above my upper left wisdom tooth.. its right in the top corner where the gum meets the cheek.

Usually a course of antibiotics and then find out what the source of the infection is. An xray will determine the cause and then you can look at treatment options. These are very routine to deal with. You will be fine.

Blessings :)
oh right! thanks for the info guys! youve been a great help!... as much as i hate dentists im going to try and get in to mine ASAP
thanks guys
I know the feeling i have one aswell!
keep taking tablets! i found if i alternate between ibuprofen and paracetomol then the pain is kept to a minimum :) hope your feeling better soon!!

this is the pic of how it went on saturday evening...
but now it's gone right down? and is still painless I'm confused lol
is it a abscess?
Definitely an abscess, seems to be associated with the second molar tooth.
right i finally went to the dentist yesterday and found out i have a very tiny tiny abscess on the tip of my wisdom tooth, but the dentist says it dont need to be taken out... but it might do if it starts to hurt? is this right...
ive had it for about 2months now but i was on antibiotics for 2 seperate weeks of it by my doc i finished them about a month ago and since ive had them its never really came back up big the gumboil hasnt it jus comes up now and a again yellow...
but i thought if you have an abscess the tooth as to be removed or what ever or am i wrong? and the dentist right...
You're right. Second opinion time?