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absess after extraction-it got so much worse.



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Feb 21, 2009
hello everyone,

i found this site while trying to recover and get some answers.

due to poor oral hygiene and fear of the dentist i hadnt been in years, last time was 8 years ago, had a root canal which wasnt sucessful.
anyway i didnt go back until last year, i thought right get a grip face your fears and get your mouth in order.

i went to the dentist who i was told was good with nervous people,i sat in the chair while he had a look he just complained and had a moan at me.
he said i needed 8 teeth out which he done via referal so i was sedated.

october 10.08 i went and had the 8 teeth removed including the failed root canal, was fine for 8 weeks no pain or problems.

while changing my son one day i just got this awful taste in my mouth,something had happend, went and spat it out and it was all blood and pus,smelt dreadful.
anyway i called the dentist and said i needed to see him, went along and he said no its healing nicely nothing to worry about.

24 hours later i was in hospital with a fever of 104 and shakes and vomiting.
they told me see my dentist on the monday,by the time monday came i had been spitting pus all weekend,my face had swollen and was like a rock.
he gave me antibiotics and just looked in shock.

i went home and took the tabs and i didnt seem to be getting any better.
called my gp who i saw on the wednesday and he didnt know what was wrong, he referred me to hospital the following monday.

i went to the hospital and they were amazed, said i needed to go to northwick park and be admitted, the whole of my left cheek was full of pus and i couldnt open my mouth, it was on the verge of bursting onto my face.

i was told i needed an op to drain plus remove more teeth as they were plugging the absess, problem was i couldnt open my mouth.

they drained 25mls of pus which was total agony with nothing to numb my face.
neither of these options worked.
following morning i had tubes etc put into my nose and down the back of my throat while i was awake, had the op and drains ut into my cheek.
my face muscles are still hard and locked at the back.
my cheek has scars now.

new year i ended up with an infection, no tooth but pus coming from gum,had to go back to my dentist,took a mate with me as he seems a bully.
he said i had been on antibiotics 7 weeks so no more and needed my body to heal.

i have root coming through my gum now he left it and said let the hospital take it out, but maxfac said he should do it.
as i was on my own when i went to see my dentist monday,he just had a go at me and said they should of taken all your teeth out blah blah, then his wife thought it would be funny yo make fun and tell me just leave it and they will drop out one by one and all your problems are over.

i have been through the worst time with all this and seems i have a bad dentist,people think he seems to scared to do work on me now as he missed the absess in the first place.

i have found a new dentist but cant go onto his books till 2nd april.
i dont know what to do if i get ill in the meantime, im terrified after what i have gone through already, i want all my teeth out as i cant cope anymore, i cry daily with fear of whats gonna happen the what if's.

my kids are picking up on my stress and things are falling apart,i have even had sucidal thoughts as i cant cope.

i just dont think i can go on anymore.
Hello and :welcome: to the site.

I am so sorry to read about all that you have been through, it sounds like it really has been an awful time for you, and I really feel for you.

I can understand your worry about what to do if you have problems before you see your new dentist on 2nd April. I think if you really have worries that you are getting problems again like you have experienced, you should consider going to A&E. I don't know what you have in your area, but you may have an emergency out of hours access centre. It would be worth contacting your local PCT to see if there is such a service, at least then you could keep the number handy, and you would know that there is help out there if you need it.

It may also be worth looking on your PCT website, or phoning them to see if there are other dentists in your area taking on new nhs patients.

I know what it can be like to worry daily about teeth, and how it can take over your whole life, but hang on in there, you have been through so much, and April 2nd is not as far away as it sounds.

I just wanted you to know that someone has read your post and is thinking of you:grouphug:.

:XXLhug: You've been in the wars. Now's your time to concentrate on healing (emotionally as well as physically) and you have to get better in every way - that's the best revenge on this man.

If you're worried waiting til April, could you speak to the receptionist, explain what happened to you and see if they can ring you if they get a cancellation, sooner? Or email them, telling them you story and asking the same thing?

Sounds like he didn't X Ray your infected bit, so just remember if you ever get any pain again or are worried in any way, make sure whoever sees you, X Rays you, right? I'm no dentist but I'd imagine that's fairly definitive.

You can take control.

Knowlegde is power. If you really have a good old look round here, ask questions of our 'tame' dentists if you need to - so you know what to look out for, early warning signs - you can use that info to protect yourself. Also, work on all the preventative stuff. Not just hygiene, but everything you can do to keep healthy generally - avoiding the 'naughty' foods, sticking with the good -taking health supplements if you need to. Empower yourself as far as you can and you won't feel at anyone's mercy ever again, eh?

And stay here with us, we're always here for you.
thank you for the response.

the dentist took an xray but of teeth on the other side and blamed me.
i honestly dont believe he has the right attitude. didnt expalin anything as to whats going on in my mouth etc.

thankfully the new practice i have seen once before,so i know they have up to date x-ray machine which makes me feel alot better.
very nice people,he looked at my mouth once before and said with a smile"is your fear really that bad" i said yes. but i was handled with care.

im taking supplements and tonics cause i know im shot to hell right now, doing my very best to keep busy and try not to stress.
being a single mum of 4 and doing this alone has been very hard.

im getting stronger daily and i dare say im gonna have the odd wobble but i will be so glad to see the new dentist, get some answers and things explained,and not someone having a go at me.

thanks once again.

tracey x