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Absolutely petrified 🫣



Junior member
Sep 8, 2023
I’ve avoided the dentist for a long time now. Mainly because my old one made me feel SO ashamed of how much having anorexia and depression had affected my oral hygiene and so I just decided I wasn’t going to go back. But I had really bad toothache earlier this year and so made an emergency appointment through 111 (I’m in the UK) and saw a lovely dentist who didn’t even make me sit in the chair, and just looked at the tooth in question before agreeing that it was infected and sent me on my way with antibiotics.

They agreed to refer me to a community dentist who specialises in treating people with mental health issues, physical health problems and or learning disabilities and I was told that the appointment would take a while to come through because in my area there is only one dentist at the clinic and they’re overstretched and underfunded (story of NHS care, right?!) and because I was petrified I didn’t really care how long it took because the more I could avoid it the better 😂

The appointment was this morning and wow did it make such a big difference being with this new clinic. They were so understanding of my mental health and physical health needs, how all of that impacts me, and how difficult I found even turning up to the appointment. From my point of view that was where the positives ended because I’ve been told I need quite a bit of work doing. BUT no one shamed me about the reasons this was needed, no one tried to tell me I should do better at brushing my teeth (I have huge sensory issues and toothbrushes are major ick for me) and that made such a huge difference for me.

I’ve got to have 5 teeth out and 4 fillings (possibly 6 but they couldn’t tell very well based on the x-ray I had done and I couldn’t bring myself to have the extra one done today) plus an appointment with a hygienist as well. So we’re starting off small with the hygienist appointment to begin with and then I’ll book the appointments for the fillings once that has come through. Everything is done in a separate appointment too which is perfect for my physical health struggles - I have ME/CFS so can’t be out the house for long periods of time as I’m usually housebound other than appointments.

So yeah, I’m a bit disappointed (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t) but overall feel ok. And I haven’t cried yet so I’m taking that as a win 😅 I thought I’d post on the journal category thing I guess to try and keep myself a lil bit accountable? But yeah… let’s give this a go 😬