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Absolutely Terrified



Mar 2, 2022
Hi all,

First post here as a new member (although I think I was here under a different username years ago?) but I knew I needed to come back.

My teeth are a mess. I mean really bad. I’m currently shaking and have been sobbing off and on due to one particular issue: my front tooth. It’s already got a huge hole in it, a cavity, never taken care of. But recently, due to a breakdown I had over other things, I started pressing my teeth together all the time. And now. There’s a crack. I thought originally it was just a chip in the bottom part of the tooth that I could feel but looking at it this morning…no, it’s a crack going all the way up the middle. I think my tooth is split. To the point where it doesn’t match up evenly and I can actually feel it when I run my tongue over the bottom part of the tooth.

And I’m freaking out. For numerous reasons. Obviously with my extreme phobia of dentists, the thought of going into one sends me into a fit. I feel like I’ll die. But there’s other things too. That my tooth will get infected, that I’ll lose the tooth. That I can’t eat anything or do anything or it’ll worsen. Worst part is I can’t tell if I’m feeling pain in the tooth or just think I am.

And then of course there’s the fact I have no money to afford a dentist. I’m in Canada, and unfortunately no one has thought that making dentistry available to all via our healthcare system even though that’d be a great idea.

There is a dental place in my town that my mom has gone to. She said it was one of her best experiences and thinks I’d do well there. But with no money and being so terrified I just feel it’s all hopeless. What am I to do?

Any support would be appreciated. I really am terrified of losing this tooth and I keep thinking that each second that goes by it’s just getting worse and worse.