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Accidentally brushed tooth extraction guided bone regeneration site



Junior member
Jun 11, 2022
Had top molar extraction and guided bone regeneration a week ago. I was incredibly anxious beforehand but private implant dentist was brilliant. Tooth was fractured and got infected during covid So it had to come out. Quite a story to share there and will another day. I have had a week of recovery that has gone well, it’s day 9 after procedure and tonight went to brush rest of my mouth and do my rinse as I normally do and I don’t know how this happened but I totally forgot I’m not supposed to brush the extraction site. It was all sutured up with dissolvable stitches and a membrane, I realised almost immediately and stopped so it was only a tiny brush but now I’m panicking I’ve ruined everything and full of anxiety. Seeing consultant in 2 days to check on it and just so worried about it. I’ve had no bleeding infection or issues and until tonight I haven’t even touched it with my tongue. I’ve had a quick look and looks ok there is one suture hanging down but it was like that 2 days ok. Have I ruined it or will it be ok? Help can’t sleep fir worrying.
Not a dentist, but I have had the extraction and bone graft and I was actually told that after a week I could eat normally, just to avoid crunchy stuff. So a little brush with a toothbrush seems like it would be fine.
I was also told not to worry unless the bone grafting fell out (like a chunk the size of a pencil eraser). I had little granules coming out for about a month or so.
Thanks for your message! Still worrying, another stitch is dangling. I’m not sure how area overall should look as I hadn’t really wanted to look at it before. I had socket graft with collagen membrane and then stitches which are dissolvable type. I don’t think there was anything then over top on the outside to cover it but if there was it’s not there now. I don’t notice anything come out in sink though. Another issue I have noticed is a really white tongue I’m wondering if I’ve now got oral thrush I didn’t notice this before surgery but have literally lived in milk protein shakes since extraction and only use the mouth rinse my dentist gave me not the cord idyl one I used to use. I can sort of scrape off the white tongue. Anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of it?