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Acid erosion / beer question



Former Member
Hi, I have a question about acid erosion, and the consumption of beer, which has been troubling me a little.

I'm a brit, and contrary to stereotype, my teeth aren't too bad (aged 36, 1 cavity so far) and I do look after them, and worry about them too.

Conforming to stereotype, however, I do drink a fair amount of beer. Whilst beer may not contain the high sugar content of soda, it does contain a lot of dissolved carbon dioxide - so I'm basically swilling carbonic acid around my mouth at regular intervals, which I know can't be good for calcium.

With this on my mind, I've recently changed my preference to canned Guinness, with the 'smoothflow' system. To cut a long story short, this produces a very smooth beer by using Nitrogen, instead of Carbon Dioxide, to produce the fizz.

But it had just struck me that this may be harmful also!

Now, I never listened in chemistry at school - does dissolved Nitrogen mean Nitric Acid??

If so, is this worse than carbonic acid for the teeth???

Yours, very confused

PS, don't worry, I have also posted questions on an alcohol dependency website


Well-known member
Jan 26, 2010
Milton Keynes, UK
You could try not drinking fizzy beer ! I gave up fizz and changed to real ale in the early 1980s - I've never really regretted it, except in "trendy" bars that only sell fizz. :devilish: