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acidic saliva



Oct 11, 2012
i was told by a few dentists that i might have acidic saliva. that's why i get constant tooth erosion, which causes decays. this is not good news for one who is dental phobic. so despite brushing, flossing, using interdental brush, i am still prone to getting cavities. is there any way to help the situation besides using toothpaste for acidity and fine bristle toothbrush? :shame:
A high fluoride toothpaste like Duraphat? Has to be prescribed by your dentist though.
If you are able... drinking alkaline water might help. It reduces the acidity in your body. Evamor is good.
thank you coolin!
i will check that one with my dentist. i am avoiding seeing him now because he is encouraging me to go for crowning after the root canal, which was done 3 weeks back. i can't afford it because i have already spent close to US$1600 for these few week's dental works. besides being scared of course. to pay to be traumatized is such a sad thing really. :stars:
tabatha7, thank you. my dentist mentioned alkaline water, but it's not easy to get it here. he says to get the "machine" so i think it might be costly. i will try to find Evamor.
"Ionized" and alkaline water - Snake oil on tap

Unless the drinking water in your area was exceptionally acidic for some reason (normally, water has a neutral pH of around 7), I can't see the benefits of a machine that turns water more alkaline (apart from funding the manufacturers of these devices :)).

As coolin said, a high fluoride toothpaste may help.

You can also find some tips here:

thank you, letsconnect!
those are great links! i will read it many times. wonderful tips there.