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Acute Pulpitis



Mar 26, 2009
I can't even remember how long it has been now.. 3 weeks atleast.. I kept waking up early in the morning with this brutal pain on my top left side of my teeth. well it got so bad to the point that I couldn't lie down. Of course I did some research, and it seems that I have pulpitis, as almost the entire row of teeth hurt on the left, there is only one tooth that i think can be a the culprit, i have a severely broken tooth in the top left rear (the back molar.)

but every tooth hurts obscenely bad when I lie down, I mean.. like excruciating, putting a grown man like me to tears.

I've been forced to sleep, sitting up propped against pillows against my wall, ibprofun and loratab help during the day, but they don't even PHASE the pain while lieing down. I'm also taking an anti-biotic, for infection that I was given by the dentist months ago, when i broke one of my other teeth (which isn't giving me any problems atm..) (i made a post here not too long ago about it.)

I know what you're thinking.. you big dummy, go to the dentist!

Yeah.. I know, couple of problems there, I'm amazingly terrified of dentists, I have no insurance, and they want like 8000 dollars to fix a few of my teeth. (1 extraction, and 3 root canals+crowns.) I'm on disability and have no options here. Any insurance that is available to me just simply does not cover enough of the cost, to warrent the trip. (a limit of 1000 a year.. lol.)

my question is, what can I do for the pain? is there any remedies that will let me sleep? i'm getting between 2 and 3 hours of broken sleep a night, and it's really starting to wear me down. ambisol hasn't helped, i try using sensitivity toothpaste.. listerine seems to help a little.

I desperately need some pain relief, if my doctor can help tell me, cause health insurance isn't an issue, just dental!

Secondly, what options are open to a insurance-less, disabled, dental phobic? I have terrible credit i can't get approved for the "payment" plans some dentists offer now.

I really am at the end of my rope here.. :shame::shame::shame:
Your doctor would seem to be your only hope in the meantime, perhaps a change of antibiotics would help.
Your doctor would seem to be your only hope in the meantime, perhaps a change of antibiotics would help.

haha.. that's a bit scary, when the admin here can only tell me a doctor is my only hope, it's that bad eh? :scared:
Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.
You mentioned you have been quoted about $8000 for an extraction three root canals and three crowns. Well you don't need all that stuff. What you need right now is probable one extraction... that it - no crowns no root canals - that can wait .. just one extraction. That will get you out of pain. So why not ring around and find out how much that will cost???

Give it a go.
Best of luck