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Adjusting after an extraction - uncomfortable bite - TMJ



Junior member
Sep 29, 2013
I had the 2nd to the back upper molar (left hand side) extracted almost 2 years ago. Ever since I've had problems with my bite feeling like my teeth don't fit together comfortably, I started clenching my teeth (day & night) leading to headaches, ear pan and eye pain (which I'm told is TMJ). My back tooth feels too big for my mouth, my cheek rubs against my teeth because of the gap and my tongue rubs against the back tooth (because it feels too big. I've ended up with anxiety problems from all of this.

I've had a small amount filed off the back tooth, but it still feels too big. My dentist say's my only option is an implant, but I'm not convinced that will work. I'm wondering if (hoping!) anyone else has experienced anything similar, how did you fix it?

Any help would be great, thanks in advance :)
find a dentist who treats tmd and understands the bite.
It sounds as if you have a premature contact on the back tooth. It can be marked up with coloured paper and then polished down quite easily.
Thanks for the reply Rob, I've made an appointment with a dental hospital today to hopefully have something done. (before I go mad! :confused:)

I am losing confidence in dentist's, I've seen several now over the past few years, all they seem to want to do is check-ups and fillings!

I am wondering what options I have to replace the tooth, I don't really want to go through the implant procedure, it looks traumatic!... and it costs a lot... and what if it doesn't help? :cry:
Hi you can either have a denture with a tooth on it to replace the missing one, or you can have a bridge. I have had this very problem myself and I know it drives you mad. I would ask about a bridge.

Good luck with your appointment :clover::clover::clover::butterfly:

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