Adult front tooth feels loose, bone loss??



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Jul 12, 2020
I saw my dentist about this and she was more concerned about having my cleaning done. She said the x-ray shows some bone loss but described it as receding gums and danced around explaining what that means. My front tooth feels like it has grown down and hits my bottom tooth when I speak. It's slightly wiggly but enough to drive me nuts and keep sucking at it. The gums are sore around it and I'm trying not to play with it. Its sensitive to cold. I'm terrified of losing it and I don't know if it will tighten up or if it will get worse. I can't eat I'm so anxious over it. She said no follow up appointment is necessary. I'm on state insurance so I've not seen one doctor that cared to actually help me. I'm terrified. What is bone loss? Will it heal? What do I do??


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Dec 7, 2008
Hi Overbright.
I can certainly understand you concern with this situation. It is impossible to say how serious or not your situation is, without seeing x-rays, photos and details of the depth of what we dentists call pockets around the tooth. These sort of symptoms can be caused by gum disease or bite issues where the tooth is being overloaded by a change in the way you bite on it.
I am sure if you write to or call your dentist up they will be prepared to answer your questions. Might as well give it a try. Good luck.