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Advice about tooth - possible extraction.



Junior member
Jun 18, 2014
Just looking for advice. I went to the dentist about a pain in 1st molar (lower) which turns out had a small crack in filling. Fine. While the dentist was probing about we realised I had a massive cavity in upper 1st molar - totally asymptomatic but looking a X-rays - very large hole!

Anyway, now I've had nothing but trouble with it. First of, he filled it with temp filling which was too high and then it calmed down. Then he did the proper filling which was incredibly sensitive and achey but gradually calmed down and was adjusted etc. but it is still achey and mildly sensitive 4/5 weeks down the line. Sometimes I go all day with no pain, then it starts to ache again. It's really annoying me now.

I'm going to make another appointment for a week or so to discuss it with the dentist. Originally he said he would try the filling and / or a root canal as needed but after doing the filling and realising how big and deep it was he felt it would most likely need to be extracted at some point in the near future.

Im terrified of an extraction. Not so much to process (although I hate dentists) more the hole afterwards and what to do...I'm scared of my other teeth moving as my gums are terrible. I do everything I can and have hygienists / check ups etc but I'm told its genetically and I can do no more :(. I'm scared my teeth will become loose and move.

I don't want a gap really, especially if my other teeth will move. I can NOT afford an implant, not could I cope with the process - too much. I don't want to damage the other 2 healthy teeth with a bridge and a denture is just too horrific at 34......why does dentistry just leave you feeling crap, old and horrible like some outcast that didn't look after their teeth.

Any advice welcome x
it sounds like a difficult dilemma.
The key is how big was the cavity - if the dentist feels that the tooth is too broken down to be restored with a crown or filling then I'm afraid an extraction will be the only option.
If the tooth can be restored then a rootfilling would get rid of your sensitivity/ache - I recommend you see somone good for this, the best time to get a successful result is the first rootfilling - not endless retreats.

If you have to lose the tooth and an implant/bridge isnt an option then you could always get a nightguard made to keep the teeth in place so they don't drift so much.
thank you - I'll give the mouthgaurd some though if it comes to it.

The dentist seemed quite reluctant to do a root canal - but only after trying the filling. I did wonder if it was because I'm an nhs patient and it's not cost effective!

I feel like I should get a second opinion before agreeing to an extraction but not sure who by. There are literally no nhs dentist places round here so I'm lucky to have this one for my family and me and I've been a patient for 8 yrs and love the practice. This dentist is new (my last dentist left) and seems ok but I've not seen him enough to build an opinion. I can't sign on with another practice and the other dentist at my practice is about to retire.....am feeling very stressed out by teeth at the moment....!