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Advice about tooth that has become a little sensitive to cold and sweets



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Jul 9, 2022
Hi, I would really appreciate any advice. I am middle aged with a baby molar still in my mouth, which has a couple big fillings in it, done maybe in 2017. For the last couple of weeks this tooth has been give me a little twinge sometimes when I start to eat or drink something cold or something sweet. My next check up with the dentist is not till April. Should I get this checked? It doesn't seem too serious, but I am terrified of losing my baby tooth. Thank you for your time.
Cold or sweet sensitivity using suggests a leaky filling or fresh decay. Baby teeth aren't usually prone to general sensitivity.
A couple more months probably doesn't matter so I'd probably wait till April, but if it's worrying you that much then it's worth getting your dentist to have a look.
For some reason, this thread is doing really well for the search query "tooth sensitive to cold", so I thought I'd add some in-depth info here re. adult tooth sensitivity: