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Advice and help



Junior member
Apr 29, 2018
I'm new to this
I'm 43 with really bad ,broken and missing teeth. I'm absolutely petrified of dentist due to childhood and adult experiences, I've not had a dentist for years I'm too scared n its really depressing me...I've lost promotions in work and don't socialize anymore ...
Can anybody help ? , can I be put to sleep to have them all removed ..please.
Hi Dazbullock,

It is very hard to step into a dental office when you are scared and depressed about your teeth. I know . and so many of us do. You are not alone here.. You have taken a great step and really are brave just putting this out there and thinking about it.. Have you done any research on dentists in your area that might specialize in helping anxious patients? Take one step at a time and hopefully a very compassionate kind dentist will help guide you to the best options for you .
Thankyou for your thought and kind words they are much appreciated, I've hopefully managed an appointment just to be checked n take the next step from there...

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