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Advice? Bleaching Teeth While Wearing Temp Bridge?



Mar 10, 2013

I'm nearing the end of my dental 'journey' -- which I'm planning to diarise. . .

So this post will seem pretty nit-picky to some, but I'd really appreciate your advice in the meantime :innocent::innocent:

Cutting to the chase, I have a temporary 6 unit bridge covering canine-to-canine on the upper arch. My dentist wants to see me in 3 weeks time (5 weeks post extraction) to make impressions for the final ceramic bridge.

Obviously, at this appointment he will determine the colour shade for the final bridge.

This has been a pretty traumatic experience for me so far, but ultimately an uplifting one, which I want to make the best of.

Sooooo...I'm thinking about bleaching my bottom teeth (not to a Beckham-esque standard, just as naturally white as possible) before I get my final impressions done on the tops.

I'm thinking about a one-off laser treatment, just to bring me up to a nice shade.

That way, my permanent several-thousand-£££ bridge will look as nice as possible. . .

Will this be OK? Will the laser treatment melt my temporary (acrylic) bridge, lol :confused::confused:? I know it's cool LED, but you never know :grin::grin:!

A million thanks in advance,
It's perfectly safe to have this done with the temp bridge. Good question though!
Awesome. Many thanks Gordon! :jump::jump:

One final cheeky question. . .sorry :innocent:

. . .in your opinion, are all laser treatments much the same (i.e. whack on some gel, stick a light in your gob for an hour and blammo! B1 teeth, lol)?

In other words, is their a whole heap of difference between getting the procedure done at my dentist (the very expensive option), as opposed to one of the more prevalent teeth whitening 'clinics' (e.g. hollywood whitening -- the far cheaper, but possibly (?) inferior option)?

Yuck, nested parentheses. Apols for my grammar.

Thanks again in advance,
I'm not an expert on laser bleaching, but I do know you can mess it up big time if you get it wrong, so I'd be wary of somebody untrained doing it on me.
Personally I'd be happy using trays even if it takes a bit longer :)
Good advice, Gordon. Some of these places have pretty poor reviews.

I might try some 'strips' instead. Like the Crest ones, for instance.

I've got a tray, but it feels like someone has parked a people carrier in my mouth whenever I wear it.

I know. . .whingey b@stard, hey!

If you get the dentist to do it he will make custom trays that fit you perfectly and they don't feel too bad - speaking from experience :)