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Advice for preparing myself for the shots?



Junior member
Jan 7, 2022
United Kingdom
Hi All,

In 11 hours time I have to have a upper wisdom tooth root extraction and upper 2nd molar extraction. I am absolutely dreading the shots. I have to have them and I will. However I feel so very frightened and my heart is pumping quite fast. What can I do to prepare myself mentally for the dreaded shots? I am just having topical plus local anaesthetic. No sedation or anything. I really want to try this without sedation so giving it ago. I am just dreading it and i need to prepare my mind for this. Are there any pointers or tips to help me mentally? Thank you ?

Deep breaths during the injections help me. I force myself to think about something else completely. You could also ask the dentist/surgeon if they have any techniques to help as well. My surgeon used to apply pressure with the back of his mirror to the opposite side of my mouth, which would take your focus away from the injection.
Thank you, I have heard that deep breaths when being injected really does help so will definitely do this. I will let you know how I get on. Thank you
@AlexEssex close your eyes. Don't look at the needle. That way you are not anticipating.
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