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Advice needed: should I have all 3 fillings done at once also novacaine question

Nov 19, 2014

i went to the dentist on Tuesday and they said I need 3 fillings in terrified to say the least it's all I've thought about and it terrifies me I've been fishing which I enjoy etc and I still think about it the appointment is next Tuesday. I said id have them all done in one go which would take about an hour and require 2 injections :( when I came out of the office I was terrified/ sweaty hands couldn't catch my breath I still have panic attacks just thinking about it, should I do It all
in one or spread it pity over two?

Also what does the injection feel like I don't mind other injections but I had a bad experience when I was 12 I'm 19 now the sting lasted 5 seconds but I can't stand sudden pain Even if it's for a few seconds. What does it feel like she said she would use the numbing gel but I'm still scared it will hurt what does it feel like I just want to know :(
Hello and :welcome:

Well done for going, that takes a lot of courage to go in the first place so you should pat yourself on the back for that one.:)

As far as whether to have all the work done in one go, it really depends on you and where the work is needed, if all 3 are in the same area or side then it might be a good idea to get it all done, if the teeth to be worked on are on opposite sides of the mouth then it might make more sense to do it in 2 appointments if you don't want most of your mouth numb afterwards for some time. Also, it depends how long you can put up with being at the dentists office (I had a couple of composite fillings last year on 2 adjacent teeth and they took about an hour to complete).

Concerning your question about local anaesthetic injections is that these should not normally be painful if delivered using topical anaesthetic gel to numb the area first and with the right technique by the dentist (my dentist is excellent at this to the point where I cannot even feel the injection) and most dentists nowadays do this very well.

goid luck with your upcoming appointment; it's scary having to go but once you are through it you will feel amazingly relieved :clover::clover:
Whatever you decide when you are there breath slowly, think about your day fishing and focus on your fishing and "let go: It will help.
Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Multiple fillings with multiple appointments can be frustrating and become consuming. The key is to take it one step at a time. You know what you can handle and we are all proud of you for deciding to go period.

Good Luck!
A suggestion.. if all 3 sound like too much for you, ask if he could please just inject you on one side (I would recommend the side that has the 2 fillings) and let him work on doing those 2 fillings. If you feel up to doing the other side on the same day, he can then inject you on the other side and take care of that filling. (For me, I can get pretty numbed up within 10 minutes) Your dentist should be understanding of your situation - you want to get the work done, but you have to go at your own pace (remember you are the one who is paying the bill).

I don't mind needles, but I keep my eyes closed when I get them. The needles in the top of my mouth don't hurt too much, but they seem to do things different in the bottom of the mouth. For me, the dentist put one needle deeper into my gums, closer to the back of my jaw bone. I get why - how the nerves are located in the jaw area - but for me, the needle ends up hitting major nerves and sending shooting pain throughout my jaw. Normally I don't make any noises or flinch - but the needle in my jaw makes me make a noise and flinch. Probably one of the top 5 pains I've dealt with (and I broke my femur before). Still, I get the why they do it that way and I will usually numb up within 2-3 minutes because of that method. So I'm not poo pooing it, but I don't like it at all. The first time they did it I was like :o because I had no clue what to expect. The second time, same deal, but I handled it better (aka I didn't tear up). However for me, I would rather get the needles and be really numbed up then feeling any pain when they are working on my teeth. And I'm pretty adamant that they give me plenty of time to properly be numbed before they start working on my mouth.