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Advice Needed Today Please Before Emergency Appointment..!! x



Jan 26, 2011
Hello People.. :)

Need A Question Answered Asap As I Don't Know Whether To Attend An Emergency Appointment Today.. Basically I Had A Tooth Out On Tuesday ( Today Is Sunday ).. Not A Full One.. About Half Or Less Of A Upper Molar On The Right.. Anyway Its Been Fine The Past Few Days & All I Have Really Felt Is Tingling.. I'm Just Worried Now About Getting A Dry Socket.. I Have Tried Looking At The Extraction Site Myself With A Torch & Mirror And My Partner Says It Looks Pink.. Is This Good..?
Also Another Thing.. Last Time I Had The Other Molar Out On The Other Side A Couple Of Weeks Ago.. I Developed A Dry Socket/Infection.. ( No Pain Though.. :/ ) But I Got Told The Dry Socket Slows The Healing Process Down & So Does The Dressings For It But It Was Fine After A Week From Extraction..??
Should I Leave Todays Appointment Or Should I Just Go To The Dentist Tomorrow.. By The Way.. I Can't See A Blood Clot But The Extraction Site Place Is Virtually Impossible To See As Its A Very Difficult Location..!! Need Advice Asap.. Appointment Is At 2.45.. Please Help Someone..!!

Hey Laura
I am sure you do not have a dry socket, for couple of reasons:
1) Dry sockets appears during the day after (max two days after) the extraction. After 48h the blood clot is stable and the healing process is proceeding.
2) Dry socket causes intense pain that even painkillers can not help reduce the it. Is that the case in what you feel in the extraction site?
3) The pink-reddish color is a good sign. A dry socket is a white-yellowish (and fluid)

I hope this information can help your concern.:)