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Junior member
Mar 29, 2020
Hey there!

I’m looking for a little advice please. My teeth are a mess and I have always had issues for as long as I can remember. Due to self neglect I am in the position I am in now at 32 years old where I have never smiled for a photo and I’m conscious of talking to people because my teeth are on show.

So I have a tooth each side of my front teeth that have grown through the upper part of my gums. Can these be removed? Would it look worse without them? Ideally would just love to have it all removed and start a fresh but that isn’t an option :( The last photo is me trying to grit my teeth together.

Am I beyond help?




Super Moderator
Verified dentist
Dec 7, 2008
Welwyn Garden City, UK
Hi Craig87,
Looking at the photos, getting you straightened out so to speak is not going to be a big deal at all.
The problem is there is not enough room for your teeth, so they are all bunched up and were not able to fall into place properly as they came though. A few months of wearing a brace and that could all be changed and you would have the smile you want.
You would need a little treatment first to get your gums healthy. I can see they would need a bit of cleaning up. The dentist could do this, although many practices employs a member of staff called a hygienist who will perform this task and more importantly, coach you in how to keep the gums healthy.
Now, although I cannot see any obvious rotten teeth from the photos, you would, of course, need an examination and x-rays taken to make sure there are no cavities. But believe me, this is one of those cases that look way worse than they actually are. I am really confident this can be sorted out very successfully without too much difficulty.
You've taken the first step by posting on here. Step number two is to contact a dentist and let them assess the situation in person. You will need to wait for this virus situation to calm down a bit as we are not able to conduct examinations at present, but maybe email or ring a practice and ask them to give you a bell once normal service is resumed.
The very best of luck to you.