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Advise please I'm at breaking point



Junior member
Jul 10, 2018
I hope I can have some advise or I can hear from someone who has been through the same kind of thing. I feel close to breaking point right now.

A few years ago, I had very bad depression and didn't practice self care, including doing my teeth properly. My teeth got very bad and I was ashamed/embarrassed about going to the dentist.

4 months ago, I had a huge abscess (without pain as the tooth is dead) I couldn't get an appointment so I went to out of hours dentist and was given antibiotics that did not work, the following week I went back and was given different antibiotics that did not work.

4 weeks ago I was able to get a proper dentist appointment and was given another round of antibiotics and was told that once the infection was under control I would need a root canal. I was given another round of antibiotics that also did not work..

2 weeks ago I called my dentist again and told them the infection is as big as ever and draining daily. They called me in that day and the dentist opened the tooth up, put liquid antibiotics in it and put a temporary filling on and told me to come back in 6 weeks.

I've got another 4 weeks for my next appointment and my abscess has not gone down. I've had it months and I've had a light fever and headache for months. I'm so upset and sick of this situation. I'm absolutely terrified for my health but don't know what else to do. Nothing seems to clear this infection up. Does anyone have any advice?

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense but I'm in tears writing this.

Thanks in advance,

First let me say, it sounds very scary and a bit overhwhelming that you keep trying and trying and it doens't get better. So sorry you are going through this.. if the dentists aren't helping alot on this.. maybe try the urgent care to see if they can give you anything, maybe different thatn the antibiotics the dentist gave you..

I hope you will find relief and an answer!!!
I am not a dentist, but just wanted to offer support. I have had three rounds of antibiotics as well, starting before a root canal, and continuing after, as the root canal is possibly failing. I am concerned with the amount if antibiotics I am taking and how it will affect my health.

I will say that my husband had an abscess for a full year, and although it was nasty to clean that out when he finally got the root canal, he didn't have any negative health effects. He only took one round of antibiotocs.

A stronger antibiotic may help. It will make the root canal easier if the abscess shrinks.
Basically the abscess won't go if the source of the infection is still there, the source of the infection is the dead nerve tissue in the root of the tooth. Antibiotics can't get to that source because of the lack of blood supply into the dead nerve, so finishing the root canals properly is the first step. If the abscess has been there for a long time as yours has, then it may take a bit longer to heal properly too.