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Afraid of extractions!!!!



Jan 4, 2013
Hi all,

In about a month's time...I'm supposed to undergo 4 extractions before I'll be able to put on my braces. I'm a wimp when it comes to pain. I've never gone through any extractions at the dentist before. All my baby tooth used to drop by itself or I'll pluck it out on my own. So I've no idea what's going to happen at the dentist in a month's time. All the uncertainty is killing me. I can't believe I'm already starting to worry when it's still a month's time away.

Just about last year, I went for a check up to see if I'm suitable to put on braces & was told that I had quite severe periodontal disease so I'll have to hold back my braces appointment. I had about 3 deep cleaning sessions in 9 months and the condition has seem to stabilize. It doesn't hurt that bad to have deep cleaning even though I was freaked out before that as well. But can anyone give me a comparison on how painful it'll be to go through extractions as compared to deep cleaning? I want to know what I'm in for.

Not afraid of pressure or noise, it's the pain that's bothering me. I'm afraid I can't take the pain. Sigh, I feel so useless.
Hello a quick jump in to your post to say I have had 17 teeth removed this year with local and apart from an odd quick pinch when getting numbed I felt absolutely nothing just pressure sometimes quite strong pressure but no pain , i am the other way to you and was more worried by noises I have not had a deep cleaning, I don't think but would prefer an extraction to a scale and polish, see if they use numbing gel before an injection on the gum that's really good stuff too, and afterwards mid discomfort after 6 out but nothing that over the counter pain med didn't solve and back to work after 2 days, each of us has our own fears and things they can tolerate better than others but you shouldn't feel any pain so try to forget about it for a while, you can't stop your brain from winding you up but I think you will do just fine xx All the Best keep us posted xx