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Afraid to open mouth and be examined



Jun 30, 2021
I need to see a dentist. I’m embarrassed and afraid of the pain and cost. I am a single mom who neglected myself for years. I have perio issues, some teeth I think are loose. I don’t want to do anything without being asleep. I’m so scared.
Hi SadieM :welcome: ,

sorry to read about your situation. Every beginning is difficult and many people here started at a point where you are. How can we support you here on the forum? Is there any specific question or worry that you would like to get input on?

Welcome again to the forum as Enarete said. We all started somewhere , each a different background but are here to support you. Its scary to start again and think of dentistry. There can be so much anxiety. The first step is what you did thinking of it and writing here is a great first step. Another step might be looking for an anxious friendly dentist in a non threatening way. Maybe read some reviews? look at their social media see if they seem friendly? I reached out to a few this way and found some very kind and friendly dentists who reached out to me and ended up being very helpful.. Also some offer meet and greets where you can go in and meet the dentist before even doing anything. There are a lot of kind anxious friendly dentists out there that would love to help. and we are here to help along the way :grouphug: Just take one step at a time.
I found a dentist and answered when they called me back. I was so anxious talking to them. They said they could see me soon for exam, X-ray. I got info for financing that I may qualify for since I don’t for care credit. I filled out info for compassion. I will call tomorrow to see if they can help me. If I can be see with out an awake exam. I would like to be put under iv anesthesia for exam. I am afraid suspected loose teeth will fall out when i do X-rays and get examined l.I am afraid I’ll wake up with less teeth. In a dream works I would love to do exam and work in one day or few visits with no missing teeth. I can’t do nitrous because it makes me agitated. I’m ok with the work being done while asleep. Just don’t want to feel them in my mouth or the tools. I feel so foolish. I’m afraid I’ll be crying at appointment. I want to just get my confidence back. I don’t like to smile, I can’t eat foods I want. I’m ashamed I let myself go.
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That is great you found a dentist that can see you soon. This is all at your pace and you are in full control. They can only do what you agree to so don't let them do anymore. I know its hard to speak up sometimes it took me years to do it.. There are alot of dentists who are so kind and gentle and really want to help and will help you get your confidence back.. Also alot that are very shame sensitive and will not shame at all. but encourage you. There are a few out there that still do.. but if you run into them... just run the other way as fast . I have alot of hope for you. You are taking some good positive steps forward and believe you will find a good kind dentist to help you overcome all this! :grouphug:
Also if you are very specific with your fears and let them know, they can help you counter them . I did this with my favorite dentist in the world. :).. and he shot all my fears down one by one..
I’m afraid of teeth falling out during exams and X-rays
There is no way that your teeth will fall out during exams and X-rays, even if they are loose.

It's important though that you let your potential dentist and their team know about your concerns, so they can make sure they're extra gentle.

If you prefer, you could also see if you can meet the dentist just for a chat, without looking into your mouth (or only looking without touching). That way, you can see if they are a good fit for you.

I’m still terrified but you helped ease my fears. I’m calling today for an appointment.
I am ok with them looking with out to touching. Not okay with anything else. I am looking forward to going to see if they can help me get my confidence back.
That sounds like a plan - hopefully, they'll be able to help you, fingers crossed?!
I have an appointment for 8/4 for consultation only. Will call if a sooner appointment. Said they can do panaramic X-rays. They don’t do iv sedation. I hope they have some good options.
I feel relieved and kinda excited.
I called another place that had iv sedation and seemed just as good. They will see me Wednesday morning for consult only. I hope he can help me and that I can afford it.
Dental fear is very common, so don’t be embarrassed. I was literally unable to eat or sleep well for two weeks before my appointment! I hadn’t been to a dentist in over five years and was embarrassed and scared out of my mind. I am a certified pain wimp, but the good news is that dental work has come a long way, so you don’t have to worry about that. They will make sure you don’t feel anything. You will get through this! And we are all here on this forum to support you.
Wishing you all the best for your consultation ?!! Let us know how you got on ?
Good luck this morning!