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After 15 + years.. appt this Thursday. I am scared



Junior member
Aug 19, 2023
Okay.. like the rest our you on this site. I have severe anxiety and phobias of the dentist and severe regret too. I had horrible experiences growing up and was ridiculed by 2 different dentists for my permanent stains on my teeth. They have been stained since I was a child. Braces made them worst. Also scared of needles.

I know I probably need a deep clean. I have tarter behind my bottom front teeth that recently started to come off now there is a gap. 🤦‍♀️ glad they got me in quickly but also petrified.

1st step to the road to better teeth and making up for the lost money on braces as a child.

Don't be scared my friend....just go ahead and get it done ...you are stronger than you think
@becfearful how did it go? Hope all went well.
Posted this in the success story...

I avoided the dentist for 15 + years. Maybe even 20 years. I would change subjects in conversations about dental visits or issues. Talk over toothpaste commercials. I mustered the courage to make the call to get my teeth back in order. I just left the dentist and it truly was great. They were all so kind and supportive. My x-rays looked great besides 1 issue with my bottom front teeth. They shifted forward and turned causing some gum and bone loss. They believe it should primarily be resolved with an orthodontist but may require more work. I had 3 small surface cavities and no other gum issues. I got a dembridment which didn't hurt at all and I go back in October for a routine cleaning and to fill the cavities. All in all they said my teeth were in great shape and were kind of shocked. I do floss and brush twice a day (sometimes 3) and use mouth wash. I am considering myself to be very very lucky. Hopefully the orthodontist thinks he can resolve the front bottom teeth preventing other treatment. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Still not cured of this phobia but a good first start. Once we fix the issues, we're looking at how to get rid of some stains that were caused by my removal of braces many moons ago. They scrapped off enamel and I forever had stains.

Please do yourself a favor and make the call. Trust me. I lost 10 plus pounds not eating with my anxiety leading up to this. I immediately stopped for sushi on the way home. I was starving when the anxiety subsided. Looking forward to a good night sleep now too.