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after 16 years i finally did it



Junior member
Aug 10, 2011
Hello! First off thanks to all those who post here, this site was my best friend while i was working up the courage to call the dentist. If you think nobody is reading your posts or you're not helping anyone by sharing, you are so wrong! so thanks.

I had extensive dental work from age 11 to 15 when i had heaps of extractions and braces on my teeth and after all that i was so sick of the dentist that once i didnt need to go for my monthly braces tightening and they had been removed, i just stopped going alltogether. And then the "Oh my god the dentist is going to tell me off for not coming and my teeth will be the grossest he has ever seen!" phobia started. And continued. I never had any major problems or pain with my teeth so i figured everything must be okay. I also have a driving phobia and had put off getting my drivers license for many years, but 5 months before i turned thirty i set the goal to do it, and though it was the most stressful time of my life i achieved that goal. (yay me).

Anyway then i turned 30 and then five months before my 31st birthday i decided i had to face this (the dentist) fear as well. So i made an appointment. And stressed. And read this site. And was constantly looking in my mouth for problems and my psycho-somatic symptoms kicked in and my jaw was aching all the time and i kept getting random pains in my teeth (the power of our brains right?? so tricksy!). I got to the dentist and she was so lovely and so gentle and didnt even ask me when my last appointment was. She did xrays and poked around and counted all my teeth and gave them a good clean and when i sat up i waited for the news (palms sweating, fully expecting YOUR TEETH ALL NEED TO COME OUT) One filling! One! After fifteen years. So i made an appointment, no longer fearful as i knew what to expect and it didnt hurt one bit. The relief and the achievement i felt was unreal.

Good luck to all those thinking about making the plunge, you wont regret it! and thank you to everyone here again for sharing their stories :)
Good Job!!!
And now you've passed on that support to someone else.
I hope you will watch this forum for someone you can truly relate to, and help them get to the Success Forum....it feels almost as good as getting yourself there.