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After Not Seeing A Dentist For At Least 20 Years



Aug 2, 2018
When I was a child, i dont remember my parents taking us 5 kids to the dentist much. In fact, I can only remember going once. From then on, my dad was always deployed and my mom worked 2 jobs at times. I was never great at taking care of my teeth...although I could kick myself for it now. I didnt have insurance until last year and didn't think about making an appointment, although i had a great case of calculus build up. So i finally got the courage to make an appointment for August 8. I went in and thought I got the worst news ever...i had periodontal disease and although they caught it early with minimal gum loss, i went into depression. I cried and cried to the point to where it started to upset my disabled son. I got the call that my insurance accepted the claim for a deep cleaning so i went in last Tuesday for part one and yesterday for part two. My teeth no longer have calculus. I started brushing with my electric toothbrush, using my waterpik and rinsing with saltwater. My teeth are very stable with no movement, my gums are healing great and the gum recession is very mild. The best thing i could have done was make that appointment that i was so afraid of making! You can do it! Always stay positive!
This is such an awesome testimony :)
I haven’t been on here in awhile simply because it scared me. As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with early periodontal disease in August and since then, I had my deep cleaning the following month in two separate appointments. I went back two weeks ago for a check up teeth polishing and my gums are doing great! I don’t have any residual plaque/tartar and my pockets are getting smaller. My gums are no longer inflamed. Although, I have a very small bit of recession at the bottom which may or may not require a gum graft. They want to monitor it until next month and then they will let me know. I go back next month for my fillings (I need 6) and my perio maintenance.!

What I have done is change my daily oral hygiene. I bought a $100 Oral b electric toothbrush that syncs to my phone. I brush twice a day, floss as needed, rinse with listerine and salt water twice a day and waterpik once a day. My confidence has really gone up and although I was afraid of the diagnosis, I know that I’m going to be okay!

These are after pictures! My buildup was HORRIBLE! I hadn’t seen a dentist in 20+ years until this August


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Did you start using the water pik right away? I'm 3 days out from a deep cleaning. I'm not sure if I should wait before starting using the water pik.
Did you start using the water pik right away? I'm 3 days out from a deep cleaning. I'm not sure if I should wait before starting using the water pik.

Yes I started it before the cleaning but I’m sure you can start after the deep cleaning. Much credit to you for even making that appointment. You’ll be so relieved!