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Alcohol dependency, extraction under sedation, and Metronidazole



Junior member
May 19, 2010
I have an impacted lower wisdom tooth which I am scheduling to have removed under the 'big chicken method' - SEDATION. The dentist told me I have to start taking Metrinadazole as he believes that the impacted tooth which has slightly erupted sideways & a tad out of the gum has become fleshy & jelly-like over the top of the gum. I can't take Metrinadazole as I have a dependency on alcohol & asked my dentist if I could take Amoxil but didn't explain why I couldn't take Metrinadazole, he said I had to take Metronidazole. Please help as with my addiction, I can't take these pills as they can't be taken when drinking alcohol & I can't just stop after years of addiction but am trying to treat that addiction through therapy. Bad timing with the tooth.
You need to be honest with your dentist!

Other antibiotics will do the job, but your alcohol abuse could cause problems with your extraction which your dentist won't be prepared for and can't prevent if they don't know about it.
I agree with Gordon. Remember that anything you tell the dentist is confidential. We are very used to people having to tell us very personal information. As well as everything Gordon mentioned I also think it is especially important in your case as it may affect the sedation itself. It is possible that your liver might metabolise the sedative differently. I have had experiences with patients who have had alcohol dependency who require more sedative than would normally be required. Basically with long term alcohol use your liver sometmes becomes a bit more efficient at breaking the sedative down. If they don't know before doing the sedation, it is possible that they wouldn't feel as comfortable if you are requiring more sedative than would have been expected. If they are aware of this beforehand, then they will be better able to get the best possible level of sedation for you to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Hope this helps and that it all goes well.
Best wishes
Dr Mike