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All 4 Wisdom Teeth Extraction with IV Sedation - total breeze!!



Junior member
Dec 15, 2011
New Jersey, USA
Hi everyone! I know that throughout the weeks leading up to my wisdom teeth extraction I was searching desperately for some success stories that would ease my mind a little. Let me clarify, I am SO anxious when it comes to the dentist after an awful root canal experience when I was 12. So when they let me know it was time to have my wisdom teeth out, my heart started pounding nonstop and the nightmares began waking me up every night.

Anyway, I'm here to tell my story and clear something up: wisdom teeth extraction is NOTHING to be scared of, or anxious about, at all. I got them out on Thursday and it was literally the easiest dental experience I've ever had. Easier, even, than a cleaning. I had it done with IV sedation, which I was told meant I would not be asleep technically, but would not remember anything. Naturally, I was afraid that I'd remember something, but I'll get to that later.

When I walked in the oral surgeon's office, everyone was so helpful. Both receptionists got up and asked how I was doing, so I told them how nervous I was. They explained in great detail that I didn't need to be nervous but it was totally normal, as well as reassured me that I wouldn't remember a thing. My dad drove me and when the assistant came to get me, she brought him back to the room with me. The surgeon came in and explained to both of us everything that was going to happen, and he and the assistant both reassured me again that I wouldn't remember a thing. I was still so nervous, and when my dad left to go back to the waiting room, I teared up a little. But the assistants all continued to promise me that I would be fine and it would be over before I knew it.

The doctor told me everything that he was doing as he did it. He said he was going to raise the chair before he raised it. He said he was going to tip it back before he tipped it back. And then he wrapped the little rubber band around my upper arm and froze the skin before he put the IV in (still telling me everything before he did it) so I didn't even feel a pinch from the needle. I looked away when they did it anyway, and when I looked back at him he was explaining that it was going to take two to three minutes for me to start to drift off, but then the room started to swim a little and I remember an assistant clipping something on my finger before I was out.

Up until now, I could not wrap my head around the whole being knocked out phenomenon, especially with the IV sedation where I wouldn't technically be asleep. And yet, it was exactly what everyone said it was. One minute I was awake, the next I was out. I don't remember them opening my mouth or putting in Novocain needles or anything. The one thing I remember is them breaking my lower left wisdom tooth, I felt it crack but felt no pain at all. And I remember thinking vaguely, I should probably let them know that I'm awake. So I opened my eyes just a tiny bit, but then I was out again and the next thing I knew they were gently telling me it was over and it was time to wake up. (I'm not saying this to freak anyone out, I'm saying this because the thing I was most afraid of happened, and it wasn't bad at all!!)

I was groggy at first, but it wore off very quickly. The actual procedure took maybe half an hour, and another half an hour for the sedation to wear off enough for them to let me stand up. They kept coming back into the room and checking up on me and asking if I was ready to go home. I kept telling them no, I didn't want to get up yet. I wasn't loopy or silly or anything, just a little fuzzy headed, and by the time the doctor brought my dad back in to explain the aftercare, I was with it enough to remember all his instructions. Then they gave me all my meds to take for the following week and sent me on my way, telling me to call if I had any questions.

I went home and remember the entire rest of the first day. A lot of putting on ice packs and taking meds, but all I needed were Advil once the Novocain wore off. I got the procedure done on Thursday and now it's Sunday and I haven't even needed any Advil since. My face is swollen and feels stiff and sore, but doesn't actually hurt. I'm more tired than anything.

All in all, the procedure was a complete breeze! Anyone who needs this done, please, PLEASE don't stress too much! I understand that you'll be nervous, because I sure was! But trust me, it was so easy. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask, I'd love to reassure anyone. :)
I don't know when I will be having this done but thank you so much for this thread I was very scared about it every time I would think about it so thank you so much you put me at great ease it scare me so much so thank you:XXLhug:
I'm getting this done on Wednesday the 11th and I am terrified of the sedation part...They will be pulling two wisdom teeth and two upper molars, one filling, and some deep cleaning on backs of bottom teeth...I was told I would be out for over 2 hours and every time I think about it I want to throw up and curl up in a ball in a dark corner somewhere :( but thank you for sharing your story, it does help to hear from someone who already made it to the other side so easily :)
I'm so glad I could help!! I was SOOO nervous and threads like this helped me a lot.

How did you make out, mommylondon?
I have to get 4 wisdom teeth pulled out as well and I'm dreading it. I keep trying to push it back.
Thank you so much for this post and for sharing your story. I am petrified- can't eat and when I sleep, I dream about it and then wake up and lie awake imagining the worst. I think I am slowly driving myself crazy. There are so many things that worry me. What if I am in pain but because of the iv sedation, I can't tell anyone? That's a biggie! It doesn't help that I am completely phobic about needles so I am frightened of the iv sedation itself.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. It does help to read about positive experiences.