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All 4 wisdom teeth taken out today with GA



Oct 27, 2006
I have to thank god and for all of you who have supported me through my anxiety! :XXLhug: Today went so well. I did have anxiety before I got into the chair but for some reason today was comfortable. One of the nurses was taking my blood pressure and hooked me up with some wires. I was nervous so I kept talking to her about how the procedure will go. I was feeling really relieved as time passed. Then Scott, my oral surgeon, came in and spoke with me. The atmosphere was relaxed because they weren't as busy today as last Friday. He joked with me, asking questions. I asked if I could go to the bathroom b4 they started and he let me. I went back in the chair relaxed. I had the laughing gas nose mask on and felt like I couldn't breathe but I relaxed. I felt my muscles reeeeelax. Scott had put the IV in my arm and he kept talking to me. He said I was under GA but I felt like I was concious the whole time. I could vaguely hear what the nurses and him were talking about. I reached for one of the nurses hand and she held it. Scott told me that I did indeed close my eyes at times and he controlled the anesthia I got, so I partly knew what was going on. I was able to breathe on my own b/c I remember taking deep breaths out of my mask and he kept saying how good I was. I remember him humming to me. I was being operated on for about 30-45 mins which felt like 5 minutes. He said after I was asleep for a few minutes he would let up on it. I said to the nurses that I thought I was awake the whole time but I wasn't!!! I felt sooo good the whole time like I was stoned and it did not matter one bit to me what was going on. I would slightly get nervous at times and I just looked into his beautiful blue eyes and I totally relaxed. I gazed at them b/c they were so beautiful!!! ;D I felt so good that I chuckled while in the chair being operated on and Scott appreciated it. All he needed to pull out my wizzies was foreceps and I have them in a pouch in one piece. It is sooooo cool. :thumbsup:

I'm so thankful Scott had did me this way so I won't be so nervous with a regular dentist. I feel soooo good right now and I'm so glad I finally did it!! He sowed up the holes. I remember him saying to me that the best part of the job is helping anxious people like me. I told him I liked him very much and he said he liked me too. I thanked them all and I'm going to send flowers and a card. :-* :cloud9: I had no reason to fear and you don't either. Thanks guys!!! I'll revise this as I remember more details. (oh, I was in the office for a total of 1hour and 15 mins.) :hic:
Another one's fallen in love lol :-*

Congratulations :jump: :party: :jump:
It really sounds like you had i/v sedation though not GA...with GA you would have been unconscious and remembered absolutely nothing.

I/V sedation is safer than GA though so it was a good choice
Thats fantastic news! Knew you could do it! :jump: :party: :jump: :party: :jump: :party: :cheers:
Hi, well done how does it feel up their on :cloud9:.
Congratulations! Well a promise is a promise. Since you went through with your extractions I'll go through with mine tomorrow morning. Thanks for the support and being so brave! :respect:

Pologirl :)