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All 4 Wisdoms out under GA!!



Junior member
Aug 28, 2010
Hi everyone! I never posted here before, but thought my story might help some of you out.

I was never made to go to the dentist much as a child and that was the first mistake because now at 22, my teeth need work. I went to the dentist for my first cleaning, approx. a month ago, in probably 7-8 years. Luckily the dentist said I have nice teeth, but a lot of structural issues...including all 4 impacted wisdoms that I knew needed to come out for years and years.

I made the final choice to book the appt. because I noticed my gums started to be really achey and I was getting mild headaches and earaches..all possibly d/t my impacted wisdoms.

Anyway, so here I am 1 day post-op and I survived and here is my story.

My appt. was at 8am, so luckily I didn't have to wait long at all. Practically as soon as I signed in and paid, they called me back. I was brought into the OR room. I rewmoved my sweatshirt and sat in the chair. They put a sterile hat on me and a blue napkin/cover thing. They put a pulse ox and blood pressure cuff on me. I'm not going to lie, sitting in that chair waiting was the most scared I have ever been. I have never had surgery before. I kept looking at the monitor which was non-stop beeping because my heart rate was in the 140's due to being so nervous. They were all like, "Wow, you really are nervous, aren't you?" I was like, "Duh."

Anyway, so I tried to focus on my breathing to bring my heart rate down, which helped some. They put the IV in, which was no big deal. Just a little pinch. They started a saline drip, I think. Then they put this thing over my nose and said it was oxygen. By this point, I was just ready for them to put me to sleep because of how nervous I was.

I closed my eyes because when I went to sleep I wanted make it as natural as possible. I remember sitting there a few more moments with my eyes closed...

Then I woke up. And it was all over. I didn't feel/hear anything during the surgery, which is what my silly brain thought was going to happen.

They said I came out of the anastesia more quickly than others. I remember being brought over to the recovery room, where my fiance came in and sat with me until they said I could go.

I was non-stop talking coming off the anastesia. Everyone was laughing at me.

I felt pain pretty much as soon as I woke up. Nothing unbearable. I took 3 vicodins day one and pretty much non-stopped ice each side.

Here I am the next day and all I am taking for pain is Advil. I am just pretty sore from being so swollen. Can't open my mouth up too far.

I am eating applesauce, ice cream and easy mac :)

Honestly...It is not fun, but if you need it done it is certainly tolerable. No biggie.

If you are reading this and are scared...so was I. Big time, but I knew that in order for my teeth to be on their way to being beautiful...it had to be done.

I am so happy I went through with it and you will be too! :-*
Congrats! Anyone who musters up the nerve to do what you've done deserves a "high five".
Know that your story will inspire someone...and that's a great thing!