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All 4 Wizzies out with Local Anesthetic!



Junior member
Dec 7, 2010
Hello all!

I came here a while ago, terrified of getting my wisdom teeth out. I'm a pretty big chicken when it comes to anything dental related, but I hope my story gives anyone who is scared a bit more strength.

I live in Germany and the only option I had (that didn't cost a fortune) was to have the procedure with a local anesthetic and oral sedative (dormicum). Seeing as I didn't have much of a choice, I went and got it done!

I was terrified for weeks before, not really being able to think about much else and spending far too much time worrying. When I look back at the procedure though, it really wasn't so bad.

The dormicum made me relaxed (but I still remember a good 80% of what happened). It didn't hurt, but it was a little uncomfortable. They had me out of there in an hour, though. Then it was over!! Over, over, OVER!!! They won't be coming back.

It's not approximately 1.5 weeks later, stitches are out, and now everything is looking okay and I'm healing slowly but surely!

The worst part of the whole experience: THE HUNGER. I was so hungry...but as for the surgery. Seriously, if this BIG CHICKEN can do it while conscious, I believe anybody can. I wish you all the best of luck with your future trips to the dentist. Thanks for all the support.

Well done you!!! Can relate to the hunger already though!!!!
You must be so proud of yourself, I am too :) :cloud9:
I'm so happy for. You faced your fears, and it turned out well. :yay: It seems that everyone is saying that waiting and worrying is worse than the actual procedures, but I still can't stop running my mind wild haha.

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