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All done...got me some teeth and its beautiful


Billy bags

Junior member
Jul 3, 2019
Its been 1yr and 3months since if had my 1st surgery (extraction of my 4 front bottom teeth). After several bone grafts and healing my implant bridge has finally been put in. I talk with a bit of a lisp which is common in the getting adjusted to hardware phase. But no more hiding my mouth when i talk having a huge gap in the front of my mouth. I bit into my 1st hamburger in 3 yrs today and it felt great. There is light at the end of the tunnel folks. This forum has helped me and many others and will continue to in the future. Stick with your treatments and if afraid to go just go..the longer you wait the worse it gets physically as well as financially. Well for me it did but im done..i will never miss another dental appt for as long as i live..
Yay! Well done and congrats on your implant bridge:jump::jump::jump: can't even imagine how fantastic that hamburger must have been! :hungry: Thanks for sharing an update and for your kind words. Your journey will serve as an inspiration to many others (which by the way is the beauty of this all - for everyone who managed to tackle their fear there are many other readers who get inspired by their story and come a bit closer to their goals)!