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All on 4, All on 6 are they really a good thing



Junior member
Jan 20, 2016
Hi all,
For a very long time now I have been looking at the All on 4 or 6 , also the permanent denture.
I have seen so many advertisements with videos of people saying how wonderful they are , that they can eat , speak and finally live life again without worrying that their denture has slipped etc .
The price to have this done here in the UK means I would need to get a loan but I will do anything to make it happen if the testimonials are true. I can no longer cope with this denture and my dentist has had enough of me and my anxiety. So please, anyone, good ,bad I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance x

Testimonials are one thing, reality can be different. Good dentists know when a treatment is not suitable for the patient and promising in advance the end result is simply not ethical.
You did not mention whether your denture is fully covering the jaw/s or are there still existing teeth. If there are no more teeth left (full denture), there is a third middle option which is removable dentures on implants (click denture) which is much cheaper and saver.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I have 3 upper teeth left . The denture doesn't cover the full palate.
A click denture? That sounds really good and even better as you mentioned it is much cheaper. How do I know if the Practices offering these services are actually any good?
My journey started In the 80s , domestic violence where I had to have my 4 front teeth removed , since then it's not got any better I've had all but 3 teeth removed and they are not In good shape. Sorry to have gone on..
Thank you again Dr Daniel for your response, really appreciated.
Just google or ask per email.