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Alot of work done...and still pain



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May 29, 2008
I had alot of work done over the past month. 12 Fillings and one rootcanal.

MY rootcanal was done on tooth 20, a bicuspid. The tooth directly behind it, a molar, got a composite filling done on the day i got my permanint crown placed...last thursday. Since then It seems the molar #19...is increasing in pain.

I went today and he filled it down saying perhaps it was a bit high. Well...he also gave me antibiotics "just incase". I can't eat anything. The pain hurts when i apply pressure, only while chewing..not while just having my mouth closed.

I dont have a problem with any other the other fillings, except the expected hot/cold sensitivity due to the amalgam fillings. In total 6 amalgam fillings and 6 composite fillings.

At this point im thinking i need RCT. I feel like it might be absessing because i am getting this 'feeling' of pain on my jaw bone.(bottom left). I just took my first dose of antibiotics. All this...and my insurance expires this coming Saturday...lol so im going in as an emergancy patient and demanding it be done!..even though it still will cost $1000bux!

Im hungry! lol and I dont want to eat!
Well im disapointed. It's been 2 days and no one has replied. I should have tried a different forum?
You should try posting in the support forum.
Alot of times we assume that you are waiting for a dentist's reply.They usually post certain times of the day.

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble....I have only had a hole bunch of root canals and then extractions so I am not sure what to do for the fillings....but I am positive that you will get more replies.

I hope everything works out and you start feeling better soon.:XXLhug:
Hi there :welcome:,

maybe the problem was that the dentists who come on here to answer dentistry questions didn't spot the actual question in your post :confused:. It looks more like a description than a question... so if you were looking for an answer to something, maybe rephrase it so it contains a question :).
As I'm not a dentist, just one of the members here who joined because of dental phobia, it's only now that I'm reading your initial post. However, I would say that from reading your message, there wasn't really any question to answer.
As I see you are going in today to get things fixed, I want to wish you all the best, and hope you will post later on to let us know how things went.
Although I'm probably not as lovely as Dr. Laurie or Dr. Mike, and I'm sure not as lovely as letsconnect, Brit or the other fine ladies and gentlemen here, I'll try to play along with "Dental Jeopardy." :jump:

I'm guessing the answer is "What is something that can happen to deep cavities in molars after being filled is that they can abscess requiring root canal treatment?"

Or maybe "What you shouldn't do is suggest to the dentist that you need a root canal before they go through their diagnostic tests to verify that one is really needed since that might incorrectly lead them in that direction?"

Okay, I'm being a little facetious here :redface:, but seriously sometimes these problems do pop up even after a bunch of work has been done. Let the dentist check the problem over and see what he can do. If it requires a root canal, then that's what's needed. Some nerves in molars aren't in the best shape to begin with so they end up abscessing after a filling is placed. It's unfortunate, but if they are in that bad of a shape, it's just as well to have them root canaled sooner than later.
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I'm still waiting this thing out...I renewed my insurance...

It still hurts to eat...I get a sharp shooting pain when i chew directly on the tooth so im only eating on the right side of my mouth...

My other fillings are just a "little" bothersome when it comes to eating crunchy foods like chips, it's nothing that would keep me from eating like this other tooth does.

So here I am...11 days after getting this filling and still pissed that this tooth didnt hurt BEFORE the filling...and now does!:devilish:
Do you have an appointment to go back and have the dentist look and see whats wrong?
I hope you start feeling better soon.:XXLhug:
I think there can be sensitivity issues with fillings for a while after they've been placed before they settle down, especially if they're close to the nerve... would definitely let your dentist check though whether the filling is too high or whether there is any infection going on (and also ask about the ongoing sensitivity you're experiencing).
Of course, if you don't trust your current dentist, there's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.
Ok..I think things are getting better, I'm currently choping some cocoa puffs...and gently chewing with the 'bothersome' tooth/Filling and im not getting pain just sensitivity from cold milk lol. so YAY! This sounds good right???? I mean if the pain is going away...possibly means no RCT needed!?!?

Also i've not been grinding my teeth!! So that is helping too.