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Alveoplasty/sinus issues



Well-known member
Feb 2, 2018
Hi I'm new here will start a journal soon to explain my whole/long story but just a question first. So i had alveoplasty+a wisdom tooth removed in november ever since the op I've been having sinus problems I thought it may have been caused by having the tube up my nose (tho people said its not likely) its a bit of a coincidence tho as I've never had this before. Also the area under my nose is still sore/uncomfortable+i just wondered if this was normal? They scrapped my follow up but I did have an appointment in jan saw my new consultant (not the 1 who did my op) he said it seemed fine but tbh barely looked. Glad I now have the access to post on here as I've been browsing for 5yrs and have so many questions.
Not sure if this was moved from where I originally put it but can it be moved to a section where it might get an answer? (I'm new here so don't know how to).

I have no idea about dentistry so I cannot give you any answer but don't want to let you alone with your post...

Hopefully there is someone around who has an experience with this or maybe you get an answer from some of the lovely dentists who are around here (and kindly answer forum questions in their free time).

My only suggestion would be that you don't give up and keep looking for a dentist who checks properly and gives you answers...
Thanks but can't change places its not that simple as I go to a hospital+see a consultant,I'll write my whole story or start a journal later.