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Alvogyl paste threads in healing gum tissue



Jun 7, 2021
Hi there. I am looking for some advice on alvogyl dressing. I had this dressing placed in my dry socket site about 5 weeks ago, it was replaced twice. My concern is that now the gum is healing over there are some of the threads actually healing in to the gum tissue? The dentist removed most of it today at my review, and the socket is healing really well on the x Ray, the gum is closing nicely, but I am concerned about the few threads of dressing left in the gum ? Will this cause long term problems? I have read that the alvogyl is self eliminating, but am worried that it could cause problems later on down the road ? Any advice or experience would be really appreciated. Thank you very much ☺️
No problem, the alvogyl will be dissolved away by white blood cells.
Thank you so much for your reply Gordon. I really appreciate your advise. I’m glad that it’s nothing to stress about. Thank you so much. Kindest regards. Take care. ☺️☺️☺️