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Jan 26, 2011
Hello Everyone.. :)

I Am In The Uk & I'm Just Wondering Where I Can Purchase Alvogyl..?? I Am Not Too Concerned About The Cost Or Having To Travel..!!
I Want To Have A Lower Left Wisdom Tooth Out & All My Anxiety Fears Of Getting A Dry Socket Would Feel So Much Better If I Had This Product..!!
I Simply Would Not Be Able To Go Through With This Procedure If I Didn't Have This.. :/

I Want To Know Where I Can Purchase It From.. This Country.. Abroad Etc..
& How Much Would I Need For Two Weeks Worth.. I Would Go To A Dentist If I Had A Dry Socket But Last Time It Was Mostly Urgent Appointments.. Confusion.. Rudeness & A Feeling They Didn't Want To Deal With A Problem.. I Got Said To Me 'You Certainly Get Your Moneys Worth Out Of The Nhs' This Was Said In A Nasty Way So I'd Rather Deal With The Problem Myself With Strong Painkillers & This Product..!!
Any Information Would Be Greatly Appreciated.. :)



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Hi Laura :), thanks for explaining why you are so scared - it now makes perfect sense. It's sad that you've been made to feel that you cannot approach your dentist when in pain.

I don't know where you can get alvogyl from, but maybe you could have a chat with a pharmacist and ask if it's available and if not, what alternatives they can recommend?