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Am I going to have a hard time talking now?



Feb 4, 2017
North Carolina
This may just be the post extraction/numbing talking (no pun intended), but I just took my gauze off my extraction site right at the time my dentist told me so I could take the Tylenol like she asked, which I had a hard time swallowing since half my mouth is still numb. And I'm having a hard time talking which I realize may be because my mouth is still numb.

But I am now missing teeth 29, 30 and 31 (was removed today). And someday, I will have to have tooth 32 removed. I didn't start thinking about this until just now, and now it's making me nervous. Is this going to change the way I talk or have difficulty talking?


Mar 21, 2021
I am missing 18,19 and part of 20. It doesn't affect how I speak, although it does affect eating a little. I'm going to have 17, and also 30,31 and 32 extracted soon as they are severely damaged. For the 30 and 19 I'm going to get implants so essentially I will be missing one back molar and wisdom tooth on each side.
Generally when you're missing more than 2 teeth, especially molars it's good to get dentures or implants in their place. But usually it's not going to cause inability to eat or speak.
Keep in mind though that I'm not a dentist and everyone is different so what is true for someone else might not me true for you.