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Am i healing properly? - Petrified of Dry Socket!!



Junior member
Dec 6, 2015
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Hi all,

So sorry about all the posts lately.. I'm just a paranoid wreck. Especially as i suffer depression nd severe anxiety, this whole dry socket thing is really playing on my mind. I'm constantly thinking about it since i had my 2nd Molar removed last week.

Last Wednesday at 9:30am i had a 2nd Molar at the bottom right removed. It was a slight difficult tooth to remove but its out now. I'm just wondering if anyone here can tell me if my extraction site is healing properly?

I've not eaten much since.. I've had scrambled egg on Thursday, 2 french fries, (Yes, 2) on Friday.. Nothing yesterday and Tomato soup today. I've not even been drinking much with the fear that when i walls, ill swallow my clot. I am a smoker however, i did stop for the first 24 hours.. I actually slept after the surgery and slept really well.

Can someone tell me if my Extraction site looks ok? It kinda looks Green, Yellow, White and now is kinda greyish black colour (Dark).

I've followed Dentist instructions and have been doing warm salt water rinses and things but I'm really still paranoid about Dry Socket.

Its 104 hours now since i had my extraction (4 days).. I was told dry socket is not an issue after 72 hours BUT their is so much conflicting advice out there. Some people say 72, others have said 7 day's and another has said 31 days!!!! I'm on the edge of my seat here!!! haha

Pics of the extraction site have been attached... (Yes, gross i know) sorry lol.



Any help/ advice and thoughts would be fantastic!

I have dry socket right now on a lower pre molar and from my limited experience I would say your socket looks normal and nothing to worry about. I'm sure one of the resident dentists will see this soon and be able to give you sound advice.

I am also in a fair amount of pain even after 12 days so the fact you're not would suggest no dry socket. I would advise you to drink more though, your body needs plenty of fluid (water!!!) to aid the healing process.