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Anemia and surgery + severe fear



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Sep 2, 2023
Hi there, I posted this somewhere else but I think I'd like a dentist to give me an answer. I have anemia, to the point where the base of my fingernails are a bit purple tinted but not by much/cold all the time. My oral surgeon had a questionnaire about conditions that I filled out but even though I did he didn't seem to be concerned about my anemia prior to surgery. I have two major fears, that I will go into cardiac arrest and die from low oxygen levels in my blood during general anesthesia or that I will die directly afterwards. The second part is that I am insanely afraid of recovery as I previously had a tonsillectomy and I was barely able to force myself to eat, and I am afraid I will not be able to eat at all this time around due to the TMJ and location of the swelling. Sorry for so much info, here's the last little bit- I asked the assistant at my consultation if my TMJ will resolve upon removing my impacted teeth and she said no...so I do not really see the benefit behind removing them if they won't stop my main complaint which is jaw pain and popping. My dentist is the one who did my X-ray (i attached it), they're all impacted I think.. if there is any way to help convince me I need this please try. I'm also scared of getting my nerves nicked and severed too.
My surgery is today and I have not had any contact with my oral surgeon since the initial consult and I'm considering backing out...


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Are you having a general anaesthetic for these extractions? It's not clear from your post.

What's your haemoglobin level? If haemoglobin level is less than 6 g/dL then a GA without a transfusion first is not recommended.

There's a chance that the wisdom teeth are aggravating the TMJ issues, but it's hard to give a definite answer.