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Anesthesia hit a nerve Ouch :-(


Shannon F

Junior member
Jun 18, 2016
Had an experience with my well trusted/ gentle dental provider this week.
While giving an initial numbing injection I felt a sudden sharp pain on the area and it strongly zapped over to my tongue on one side My dentist said it's what happens when she gets too close and hits the lower nerve. She quickly repositioned/reassured me and the pain slowed a bit.
Has anyone else ever felt this? I am just recently able to go in for fillings without oral calming meds but am very afraid this will happen again. I am curious if it's very rare or if it might happen again anytime soon. This is the first time a nerve has been hit with the numbing and I am almost 40!
Thanks for sharing any experiences or wisdom :)
most likely the last time too
a rare event no way to predict
Thank you for the reply, that was my guess. Just have to convince my brain that it is rare now vs. most definitely, probably, assuredly going to hurt again. Yikes