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Anesthetic procedure



Junior member
Jun 8, 2022
Hi, are anesthetic injections generally more intrusive prior to root canal work than having fillings? Had root canal work a couple of months ago and the injections really hurt. I had two fillings done by a different dentist more recently (one which was deep) where the injections (2 per filling) were no more than slight stings and completely fine. I have another root canal appointment next week and I’m dreading the numbing up part. Note - all teeth concerned are molars
Nope. Should be exactly the same. Sounds like a technique issue from the dentist.
Thanks Gordon for your reply. I went with this particular dental practice as they have sedation techniques available for very nervous/phobic patients such as me. I have managed so far without sedation but disappointed that this bad experience could have derailed things. Will speak to the practice about it.