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Annoying pain and sensitivity weeks after filling



Junior member
Nov 16, 2021
So this is my delimma on the 22nd of October I had 2 fillings done at a new dentist. They are on my right lower jaw my two back teeth (no wisdom teeth). Once the numbing wore off it was sore and annoying but gave it some time to settle after a week I was having aching pain and I couldn't chew on that side. I went back to the dentist and had my bite adjusted this helped a little.

Another two weeks later I'm still having some aching pain, sensitivity and still can't chew on that side of my mouth. The pain isn't bad mostly annoying at most it gets to a 3 on pain scale usually if I've tried to eat on that side or done too much chewing.

I went back to the dentist she did an x-ray and said I don't need root canal but the filling was deep so she's not surprised it's sensitive. She adjusted my bite again, put on a sealant and did a fluoride treatment. She said if it doesn't settle to come back in two weeks and she'll put a sedative filling in.

It's now a week later and I wouldn't say it's any better but it's not worse. Still occasionally aching pain in my jaw, can't chew on that side and sensitivity especially to cold. I really don't want to go back to the dentist again. One because of money and two I have a hypersensitive gag reflex so getting through any dental procedures is a whole ordeal.

What should I do? Has anyone else had this type of pain and not been able to chew on the tooth and the pain eventually settled?

Also I'm using sensodyne toothpaste and putting a layer of sensodyne over the area seems to help the pain settle.
I’m literally here with the same exact problem and it’s been 3 MONTHS .3 long months . It hurts when I chew on my filling . It was a deep filling . It was sensitive to cold and hot and it still is a little bit but all of my teeth are sensitive. So of course I was completely panicking and I ran to my dentist : she’s done X rays , a scan ecc and she concluded nothing is wrong with my tooth but the filling is very large and needs time . I am also using sensodyne toothpaste for my general sensitivity . I am very worried because it’s been long ,3 months it’s a lot and I wish I could chew on that side with no issues. I am calling my dentist again tomorrow because I’m so worried . She couldn’t see anything wrong with my tooth when she’s done an X ray last week . I am also surprised by the amount of people who complain about this same issue on the forum
I'm not a dentist but I am going through something similar with my recent composite filling. You're not alone, don't forget to keep the post updated for people who maybe experiencing the same problem in the future.

This only applies to composite fillings.