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Annulling of sensitivity of a tooth with a laser – how does it feel like and is it effective?



Jul 10, 2016
Good afternoon everyone.

Recently, I saw an offer of annulling of sensitivity of a tooth with a laser in one of the local dental clinics...

And I'm wondering – does it work for a tooth after root canal treatment (done in September 2016)? And how does it feel like?

This tooth after RCT (number 7, bottom, on the right side of my mouth) gives me much of pain quite often when I bite or when the weather changes... :(

Do I need an X-ray of this tooth? I had an OPG lately but it didn't reveal anything bad with this tooth, apparently... But the OPG is not too good for showing a specific tooth, is it?

Thank you much in advance for any reply. :)
Hiya. It won't work on a RCT tooth, as far as my limited knowledge of dental lasers goes. It works (I think!) by zapping the little dentine cell processes in the exposed area. In an RCT'ed tooth they don't exist.
A better x-ray (a periapical film) would be more use to diagnose if there's a problem.