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Another appointment clear



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Apr 23, 2015
United Kingdom
Remember a few weeks ago when I thought I had a gum problem and thought it was an oral cancer. It turned out that I either had nick my gum forming the white mark/ulcer but is healing nicely and having a cold did not help.

No further problems with teeth, getting much better keeping them clean, no problems with gum pockets all between 1mm-3mm

The dentist team know I worry a lot, I been seen them for a long time, my Dad went with me and said I been coming here a long time.

Have I got over my fears of seeing the denist and not be worried (never) but now got a 4 month appointment
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She did spent a bit of time poking it for me, which is good.

She said I did it on a toothbrush, will take a few more weeks to go down
I always dread going to the dentist, I supposed it a lot as you get older I am in my early 30s and dread it since my first fillling at age 18 or 19
I've dreaded it since I was a kid. I used to hide the reminders from the dentist's office so my mother would forget.
Thanks for your post the other week. Panic a lot. Its looks a lot better than it did. I know my dentist will not lie to me and would have not mess about it she was not 100% what it was. She says my bottom teeth are much cleaner, just need to trying my best with my top.

She told me well advice me and my Dad I dont need mouthwash, my Dad did not know that the toothpaste she gives me has extra fluoride in, not because of my oral hygeine is poor but the difficults and hopefully the amount of dental work I need now and in the future. (been using the stuff for 10 years) from 5000ppm down to 2700/2800ppm
I would really like to fill some of the gaps inbetween my teeth (to make it easier for me) also one tooth I want to improved it, it might be unique looking
I think dentures are out of the question for me (even though I still got all my teeth) only had one removed as I got a crazy overbite/crossbite teeth dont come together which pretty sucks, my old dentist wanted me to have an op when I was eight or nine to break my jaw bone to fixed the problem, but my parents did not want me to have it done and I did not fully understand as I have a disability.

The white bruise/patch is goiing down which is good, not bleeding or grown
Next appointment not to February 2017. I always dread the dentist, I know dentist have seen everything from broken, black etc tteth, and perfect teeth. still does not help me stop worrying I am getting therapy for my health worries as well so mention my teeth.
Yay!!! Glad to know you have a break for a bit. Try to enjoy it :)
I will try and enjoy, but at least my dentist remember my worries now, so I dont get any bad judgement. I asked questions about the numbers called out, I know 1mm-3mm is normal for gum pockets, mainly it all 2s, sometimes she calls out three and the next time it is two.

My mum saw a hygienst last year to reduced her gum pockets, she had a few 4 sor 5s, my mum has the same dentist as me, and her pockets are back down to 2s and 3s. she goes every 6 months and I go every three months.

I am only going 4 months as I away in late January
Just thing I got bad teeth all the time, my wisdom teeth are driving me mad with pain. I have mention it to the dentist lots of time.

I dont want to keep runing to the dentist, even though I see her every 3-4 months. I dont like my fillings which I had done a few years ago causing me a few problems. With the infection last year which she says she will remove my tooth in the future, (since I had a root canal done years ago) I got a overbite my teeth dont come together properly :(
Need to go back on Monday having issues with sensitive cannot talk to my parents much about it because there are fed up with my HA.
Re: Another appointment clear and updated diary rant

I am just scared of losing my teeth, I know I go to the dentist regularly so anything (hopefully will be picked up on) but I think the abcess problem I had when I was given antibiotics tablets the tooth problem should have been sorted last year.

I know I keep saying my teeth are poor, yes I had a few fillings and root canal, a tooth removed in 2006 but twinges need to be loooked at.
I dont whether or not to recommend the dental pratice I attend as I am unsure whether there are taking on new NHS patients or whether private places are available.