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Another countless thread on nerve damage...with a more specific question



Junior member
Feb 24, 2016
Hi all

As the title suggests, I have already been through the many threads on nerve damage on this forum and on google. I cannot seem to find concrete information on a particular matter in this area.

Like many others, I am extremely anxious and terrified about resulting nerve damage from wisdom teeth removal. To manage my anxiety, I have a rather strange approach, and try to look at the worst case scenario and imagine myself living like that, and whether I could cope.

One of the matters, and surprisingly the only matter I cannot get my head around is this idea of having your speech slurred/not being able to talk properly. Every thing else seems to be mentioned repetitively: not being able to taste your food, can't feel a kiss, uncomfortable when swallowing/drinking, biting your tongue, etc etc. All this seems horrible, but I managed to convince myself it won't be as bad if it actually did happen. It's just this talking worry, that is causing me too much grief.

So, my questions in regards to talking:

  1. What are the chances of my ability to talk be affected, temporarily and permanently? (There's always statistics about nerve damage, but no statistics about affecting your ability to talk)
  2. Following on from question 1, if they are affected, to what extent will they be affected? Can't pronounce particular words? Every sentence there will be one slurred word? Will everything I say be slurred? What are the chances of a small extent? what are the chances of a large extent?
  3. I understand a small proportion of people have undergone temporary nerve damage which has taken months to recover. How do this group of people cope in terms of talking? Does it affect their jobs, important moments where they are required to talk? There seems like there's something I am not understanding here, how can this proportion of people get it and not seem like it's the end of the world?
  4. Finally, my last and most important question: the next few months ahead will probably contain many important job interviews. I know it may not sound vital, but please understand it is something very important to me and I value it highly. I really don't want a wisdom tooth removal to cause an end to a dream job application (there are many interview stages). So therefore I am wondering:

  • If the risk of losing my talking abilities is high, and also a large extent of my talking abilities will be gone, is it a smart idea to ask to delay your surgery/operation to approximately 6 months later (during non-peak hiring season)?
  • If the affect of your talking abilities is only a small extent, Will this be enough to affect your job interview performance?
  • Is the risk of losing your talking abilities so small, that it's probably worth removing your wisdom teeth now and not needing to have to worry about your job futures?

Thanks all for your help :)
Re: Another countless thread on nerve damage...with a more specific question

I also had this fear going into my wisdom tooth removal, honestly I couldnt imagine living with the complications of nerve damage. I approached my dentist about this and he was able to refer me to an oral surgeon who used this "Piezosurgery" dental tool. Basically it cuts bone without cutting soft tissues meaning that there is no risk of nerve damage during the extraction. That alone sold me and I ended up having a great experience with my removal and was back on my feet within a couple of days!