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Another cracked filling...! Hi again DFC!



Junior member
Jul 12, 2021
Seems like just a few months ago I was here lamenting cracked filling #1... A year and a bit later and I'm back again with another cracked filling, this time a molar on the top of my mouth.

Ever so slowly and slightly over time this tooth has been acting more and more suspicious, behind this tooth was an especially sensitive area for flossing... Went to the dentist for a cleaning some months back and the hygienist said all was alright except for inflamed gums and that sore spot behind that tooth. Told me to floss more and my gums should toughen up! Made a real effort to floss more and it helped my gums, even the sore part I was feeling so relieved that that area was feeling better?!?!?

Buuuuut move to a few days ago and I'm suddenly realizing that the pain is back in that problem spot... go to look with a mini mirror and light and to my despair I again have a crack along the seam of an old filling...

I'm kindof glad that it's the same kind of problem I had before, and ive already lived though my worst-ish case scenario with a cracked filling- reducing my tooth and putting a crown on it. I'm almost hoping I get another crown because I'll for sure know what to expect with that, but also if I do end up needing a crown that's a big punch to my bank account...

Toothache is worse at night and it freaks me out. I've heard that upper tooth numbing application is slightly different from lower tooth numbing? Hoping itll be alright and I keep reminding myself how worriless I was about needles when I was on nitrous. I opened my mouth voluntarily!!! No inhibitions!! I know I can do it again!!

31st is my exam appointment date, how spooky. In the meantime I've been stressing whenever it starts to ache at night... I have horrible intrusive thoughts of my filling falling out completely so I'm very cautious when chewing... Telling myself that if it lasted THIS long, it can stick a few more days longer.

More stress will surely set-in in a few more days lol, for now I'm just taking this one sleep at a time.
One more sleep till dentist day... trying to wind down for bed, had a cookie and some tea... something got caught beside my problem tooth and while absentmindedly trying to pick it out I sent some jolt of pain through my tooth. Scared me half to death!! Keep telling myself that people have put up with much worse than I have for far longer! One more sleep, then hopefully only one more appointment, then a few days of tenderness and everything will be over and okay...