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Another exposed bone question



Junior member
Jun 3, 2017
A week ago I had my lower left wisdom tooth extracted. Extraction was over in a few minutes, but the tooth did break in half. 3 days later I noticed small white spot under the extraction site on the tongue side of the jaw and it looked and felt like a canker sore. Day after, it got a little bigger and I realized it was exposed bone. Currently (at 7 days) it is about the size of half a pinky fingernail and it seems it's not getting bigger anymore. It's not sharp, although it has a somewhat pointy end towards throat side. It doesn't hurt any more, and it's only slightly sensitive if i intentionally rub my tongue over it. Also, it doesn't feel like bone spicule that will come out because it's firm, like it's part of jaw.
Dentist saw it and told me it happens sometimes after extraction because of thin skin on that part of jaw and that it will heal itself.
My main concern now is should I be worried about infection in that area and how long will this take to heal, considering my tongue is constantly rubbing against it?

Thank you..


Junior member
Aug 27, 2017
I think I have the same problem right now. I had a tooth pulled two weeks ago this coming Tuesday. One of my sutures came out after 5 days and I noticed a white line where it used to be. At first I thought it was part of the suture blending into my gums or something but am convinced it is jawbone at this point. Also the tooth right next to the extraction site looks like the gum tore a bit and now looks receded almost. Hurts occasionally. I'm worried something went wrong during the healing process and now I just have exposed jaw bone and it's not going to heal, like the gums won't connect back together... have you gotten any updates on your situation OP?