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Another extraction conquered!



Junior member
Jan 7, 2022
United Kingdom
Hi All.

Apmnt #1 - Checkup / Xray
Apmnt #2 - 2nd & 3rd Upper Molar Roots (right)
Apmnt #3 - 2nd Upper Molar Roots (left) & Left upper incisor root

Just got back from appointment #3 which was a molar roots extractions and an upper left incisor root extraction. Had these taken out with local only and the procedure was painless.

I had lots of injections to numb the teeth & roots and the dentist even gave some extra shots as I felt a tiny little bit of prodding, but all the injections were painless. This included the palatal injections too. I have no idea what technique my dentist uses, but I am yet to feel this pain from the injections. I can feel something going on when having them but I certainly wouldnt say they are painful at all. The fear, worry and axiety is honestly worst than the dental injections. The actual pulling of the tooth is absolutely fine too, just pressure and moving, absolutely no pain though.

I have my last appointment booked for 2 weeks time and I would of had 6 teeth out by then (all with local only).

I was a nervous wreck when I started this journey but thanks to anxiety meds (citalopram) I plucked up the courage to get the dental treatment done that I needed. With a lovely dentist and painless injections the experience is even easier. There really is no need to worry about dentistry as its not painful anymore. We are in 2022 and it can only get better.

Dont get me wrong I was in alot of pain later on at home but thats only because of the anaesthetic wearing off, ibuprofen and codeine definitely helped with the pain and will keep ontop of this.

I will report on appointment number 4 in 2 weeks time!

Thank you.

Any update on your following appointments Alex? I'm curious since I will be getting extractions as well. My dentist said I would be needing bridges afterwards. Have you gotten yours yet?