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Another extraction question... Sorry



Junior member
Mar 10, 2016
I have a question regarding jaw pain and mouth openingness (is that a word) after extraction. I was brave and had a tooth extracted on Wednesday, I also had the same tooth drilled and dressing applied the day before so had injection. I can't open my mouth wider than the width of my middle finger and my jaw hurts and is swollen under my jaw, when googling (eek) this comes up a lot with wisdom teeth but mine was just one of the back ones, do I need to go back to the dentist?or is it just one of those things?i know the importance of making sure I'm careful after an extraction and it says to brush my tongue but I can't fit a toothbrush in to do so. I was beginning to not feel as anxious about going to the dentist but feel like I'm wearing out my welcome with phone calls and visits this week feel like I'm making a big fuss and that maybe I'm just a big baby about the pain, sorry for waffling does anyone have any advice ?
You should call the doctor. If you are unable to practice the dental hygiene that he recommended, he needs to know. You are not being a baby, you're just checking in with him about your progress/recovery. Don't be shy to ask questions, even if it ends up being something small (I once went in to the dentist and it ended up being a canker sore)

A limited mouth opening is a complication and it is very reasonable to contact the dental office and at least inform them about it and ask for guidance.

i don't know what was the situation before the extraction. If the tooth had a big infection and now after the extraction you feel malaise and feverish, then it is highly recommended yo see the dentist immediately.

it might just be a benign reason (fatigue of the jaw joints, bad injection technique that wounded the muscle causing it to cramp) but without seeing you these are all speculations.