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Another extraction soon! getting anxious again!



Junior member
Apr 14, 2009
Hi all. I posted on the success board a couple of weeks ago after suffering toothache for a year or more. I finally had a retained root extraction without sedation. I'm now due to go back to the dentist this week to have the other tooth extracted and I'm feeling anxious all over again. I feared getting another dry socket after the extraction but that didnt happen at all, instead i developed an absess on Bank Holiday monday last week on the tooth my dentist did not take out. I was supposed to have 2 out on the day of my visit, but for some reason, and it wasnt really explained very well, my dentist decided to do it in two separate appointments. I have been in so much pain, and my jaw swelled. A course of antibiotics has contained the infection, although i'm still feeling twinges, but nothing i cant handle. I cant wait to have this offending tooth out but im starting to think about the injections, the hours of numbness and the actual procedure. I know it is over and done with so quickly but this time i'm going on my own, as my husband is working away, so i suppose i feel more apprehensive.

So im back on this wonderful board looking for support again leading up to my appointment on wednesday. :scared:
Unfortunately I don't think I'll be much good for comfort right now, but I can be scared with you. I go on tuesday for 2 wisdom teeth. I'm terrified too. I will also be alone. I'm trying hard to keep the appt. but my hand wants to dial the phone to cancel.

It is true that its over quick so thats what I keep saying to myself. Plus, we'll be happy when we're done.